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Suzdal Guided tour

Suzdal Guided tourDuration: 3 hours
Group: 2 or more
Season: All year round
Language: English
Tour type: Guided tour
Tour price: from 4500 Rub




If you want to discover the true soul of Russia then the little town of Suzdal is the right place to visit.
It is one of the oldest and most mystical places of Russia. You will never forget Suzdal, the old Russian fairytale!
Suzdal lies just in 3 hours ride from Moscow. Quiet and peaceful, it can give you an impression of how Russia looked like centuries ago.
During the Suzdal Guided tour you will see Suzdal in its full glory: stunning medieval architecture, countryside landscapes, colorful wooden buildings, and ancient monasteries.


Suzdal Guided tour highlights: 

1. Trading Rows are the interesting monument of civil architecture of 1824. Located at the center of the town it gives the impression how the tipical commercial buildings of Russian empire looked like at that time.

2. Resurrection church and Kazan Church are situated at the Trade square. That churches were constructed in the beginning of the 18th century as a new versions of previous wooden churches.

3. Picturesque bank of Kamenka river. Here overlooking the Kamenka we can enjoy the encredible views of real russian landscape.

4. Pyatnitskaya church is located near local Broadway so called Kremlyovskaya street. It was built in 1772. In the neibourhood there is another interesting church Vchodoierusalemskaya church which was before connected to the first one.

5. Kremlyvskaya street will surprise you with enormous offer of real russian souvenirs.

6. Suzdal Kremlin containes three outstanding buildings: the Nativity Dome, the bel tower and the Bishop`s palace.

7. Small church of St Nicolas is made of wood in the beginning of 18th century. It was constructed without any nails.

8. Deposition of the Robe Convent. We will discover Suzdal from the birds flying.

9. The Convent of the Intercession of the Mother of God will complete our aquaintance with ancient Suzdal.


The Price of the Suzdal Guided tour: from 4500 Rub

The price includes: guiding service, transfer from Vladimir to Suzdal and return.

The price doesn’t include: food and drinks.


Suzdal Guided tour



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    4 thoughts on “Suzdal Guided tour

    1. Lourdes Fema Acuna

      Hello, I would like to know more about the Suzdal tour. I am going to Moscow on Sept 9 leaving on Sept 14. I am free all day on Sept 12 and would like to visit Suzdal (and Vladimir if it is possible to do so in one day). I am alone. Will there be a tour available for Sept 12 and how much? I can travel to Vladimir from Moscow but I need to travel with a guide from Vladimir to Suzdal. Please advise as to availability and price.

    2. ralph zatzkis

      We would like to not only tour Suzdal but Vladimir as well. Could that be done over two day period?

      1. admin


        Yes, two days are enought for the two towns. They are located сlose to each other. In order to arrange a tour, please indicate how much persons will travel with you? When are you planning to go? Do you need transfer between the cities? What do you prefer, public transport or a private car?


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