How to get to Uglich

Despite the fact that Uglich is a town of the Golden Ring, it is located a little outside of major routes of public transport. The town is well accessible from Moscow and Yaroslavl, as well as some other small towns. Besides, today Uglich is the only departure point for Myshkin, famous by its architectural objects of the 19th century Russia.

Regular bus services operate to Uglich from the following points:
Rostov Veliky (89 km/55 mi)- 1 time per day (transit from Yaroslavl), 1.5 hours.
Rybinsk (75 km/47 mi) – 4-5 times per day, 1 hour 40 min.
Tver (220 km/137 mi) – 2 times per week (Fridays and Sundays).
Myshkin (39 km/24 mi) – 6 times per day, 1.5 hour.

There is no train connection to Uglich.There were trains linking Uglich to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2012, the trains were canceled.

As Uglich stands on the bank of the Volga River, it is also reachable by cruise ships. However, regular ship connection doesn’t exist.

To get to Uglich from Moscow:

Regular buses depart twice a day from Shyolkovsky bus station in Moscow. The buses arrives to/departs from Uglich bus station (Address: 15A, Olgi Berggolts str./ул. Ольги Берггольц, 15A). Travel time is nearly 5.5-6 hours.

Besides, buses NORDEXPRESS run between Moscow and Uglich. In Moscow they depart from 2 points:
– metro station “Botanichesky sud” (Rus: Ботанический сад), 2-4 times a day,
– metro station “Otradnoye” (Rus: Отрадное), once a day.

The arrival/departure point of NORDEXPRES buses in Uglich is located near the Uspenskaya hotel (Address: 3, Rostovskaya str. / ул. Ростовская, 3).

Buses NORDEXPRESS passes through Kalyazin and Sergiev Posad, which are worth visiting. It is possible to purchase the tickets NORDEXPRESS online. Unfortunately, the web site is in Russian only.

To get to Uglich from Yaroslavl:

Uglich is located 110 km far from Yaroslavl. Buses are the only form of public transport that connects the two towns. The number of daily buses is about 15. The first bus departures at about 6am, the last one departs at 7pm. The arrival/departure point in Uglich is the bus station (Address: 15A, Olgi Berggolts str./ул. Ольги Берггольц, 15A). The journey takes roughly 3 hours.

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