Grelka Fest ✪
April 2018

A characteristic feature of the world-famous festival “Grelka Fest” is a group descent in bikini and carnival costumes. Book the tour

Grelka Fest is held annually between the 1th and the 16th of April in Sheregesh and attracts more than 10 thousand of winter sport fans every year. The temperature is very comfortable in this period. The majority of ladies go skiing in bikini that makes the festival even more popular. The number of people willing to take part in this event is growing from year to year. The first group ride was included in the Guinness Book of Records by the number of skiers and boarders to participate in a “bikini-descent”.
As a rule, the following events are organised during the festival time:
• Trampoline jumps into a swimming pool
• King of the Hill competition for men
• Colour festival “holly”
• Mulled wine and pilaf festival
• Official parties in a night club
• Best photo competitions and others.

Venue: Alpine ski resort Sheregesh, Green Mountain
Event cost: Free
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