Ulan-Ude Attractions

Lake Baikal 

Lake Baikal has become a popular tourist destination in recent years due to its wonderful beauty, rare species, and innumerable protected sites. It is surrounded by steppes, meadows, marshes, tundra and high mountains stretching for 2,000 km.

The Ivolginsky Datsan 

The datsan is sited at the foot of the hills surrounding Lake Baikal. It looks astoundingly beautiful amidst the wilderness. The temple is also known due to Pandido Khambo Lama Dashi-Dorzhi Itigelov whose imperishable body is preserved there.


Arshan is a small village located in Buryatia, in the Tunka Valley. The Valley is unique in its healing springs and alpine meadows. The village of Arshan is the most famous village in the Tunka valley. People come to Arshan for miraculous water and health.


Places of power are geographical areas that have a strong positive effect on the human psyche and body. These include the Shumak mineral springs in the Sayan Mountains. Here not only water heals but also picturesque mountain landscapes.

The Ethnographic Museum of Buryatia 

The Ethnographic Museum of Buryatia is one of the Russian largest open-air museums (37 hectares). The museum has historical findings from the era of Huns, including a unique collection of wooden architecture of Siberian people.

5 Top Tourist attractions in Ulan-Ude 

5 Top Tourist attractions in Ulan-Ude that can be seen during a one day city trip. Ulan-Ude is not only a point of departure to visit Lake Baikal. This small cozy town has its own atmosphere and could itself be the goal of your trip to Buryatia. 

Ulan-Ude museums. 

Ulan-Ude museums. There are five major museums in Ulan-Ude that provide information on the history, geography and culture of Buryatia and its capital. By a fluke three of them are located on the town’s main street and remaining two are close to it.

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