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Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour

Transiting through Ulan-Ude to Lake Baikal or traveling by Trans-Siberian Railroad? Book the Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour and enjoy a memorable visit. You will see the highlights of the town: famous monument of Lenin’s head, walking street Arbat, Buddhist and Orthodox temples, etc.

Tour to the Old Believers

Take a tour to the Old Believers, Russian people, who still live in a small community, that preserved almost unchanged its traditional way of life of the 16th century. These people have kept the traditions and a unique identity of their ancestors.

A three-day tour “Pilgrim Track: A Visit to Khambo Lama Itygelov”

During a three-day tour “Pilgrim Track: A Visit to Khambo Lama Itygelov” you will discover the world of the lama, learn the phenomenon of his imperishable body, as well as pave your own spiritual path.

Three-day Baikal fishing tour

Three-day Baikal fishing tour will bring you to Chivyrkuysky bay, where the best Baikal fishing spots are concentrated. In addition, you will experience traditional Russian banya (steam room) and enjoy the meal made of freshly caught Baikal fish. Departure is from Ulan-Ude!

Floating Hotel on Lake Baikal

Spend your vacation in the floating hotel “Ecotur” which is located in Chivyrkuysky Bay, the most magnificent bay of Lake Baikal. Enjoy pristine nature, engrossing fishing, hot healing springs, sand beaches, exciting trips, and local food.

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