Baikal open International Ice Fishing Tournament
March 2022 (To be confirmed)

Baikal Kamchatka is an Ice Fishing Contest taking place on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal.

Baikal Kamchatka is not associated with a huge and beautiful peninsula of the Russian Far East “Kamchatka”, but refers to a local ice-fishing slang. Baikal’s Kamchatka means a fishing spot where anglers come together and form a long line.
The contest lasts for 5 hours; however, the duration might be changed due to the weather conditions.
For those who wants to take part in the contest but cannot, RussiaEguide offers all-year-round fishing trip to the Baikal.

Venue: Olkhon Island, Maloye Morye strait, near Tainiki cape.

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