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One-day Baikal Fishing trip

summer fishing baikalDuration: 1 day
Group: up to 10
Season: All year round
Language: English
Tour type: Fishing, Nature and Wildlife
Tour price: from 4,000 rub per person




Notice! Baikal omul fishing is prohibited.


Winter fishing (Ice fishing)

1. Warm clothes are necessary because of cold temperature and wind. Make sure you have good winter clothes such as a ski suit, thermal underwear, warm winter boots and gloves.
2. It is preferable to stay at a camping site near the settlement of Sakhyurta (MRS) for the shortest trip to the fishing place. The fishing takes place on the Maloe Morye, a strait in Lake Baikal. It separates Olkhon Island from the western shore of the Baikal.
3. The one-day Baikal Fishing trip is available from Irkutsk, and Listvyanka.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Group: up to 10 people
Period: 15 November – 10 April

Go to bed early in the evening before the ice fishing because you will have to get up early. In the morning have a breakfast and be ready to start fishing immediately after arriving at the place.
It is planned to catch such species as perch, grayling and pike. Perch and grayling are caught with fishing rods; special tackle with bait fish is used for pike.
One-day Baikal Fishing tripEach guest will have their own tackle and there will be an experienced fishing instructor. Some contests are traditionally held among the guests such as the first fish, the largest fish, the largest catch, the highest speed of ice drilling. The dinner is served right on the ice.



The price of the winter fishing on the Baikal:
3 and more PAX – 4,000 rub per person
2 PAX – 4,500 rub per person
1 PAX – 5,000 rub

The price includes:
– Fishing gear,
– English-speaking instructor,
– Lunch

The price doesn’t include: Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka.


Summer fishing

Notice! Since the tour is very popular during the summer season, please book in advance (at least 1-2 weeks before the tour).

Duration: 2-5 hours
Group: 1-9 people
Period: 26 June – 31 October

During the Baikal Fishing trip our guide will teach you different techniques and reveal the secrets of successful fishing.
In summer, 3 types of fishing are available:
1. Fishing in the Angara River.
2. Fishing from the boat on the Baikal. The boat fishing provides more chances to catch, then any other fishing types.
3. Fishing from the shore.
Target species: Baikal grayling.

The one-day Baikal Fishing trip is available from both Listvyanka and Irkutsk .


The price of the fishing on the Baikal from a boat:
5 PAX or more – 6,000 rub per person
4 PAX – 7,000 rub per person
3 PAX – 9,500 rub per person
2 PAX – 12,500 rub per person
1 PAX – 24,000 rub

The price includes:
– Fishing gear,
– English-speaking instructor,
– Charter of a ship for 2 hours,
– Lunch of freshly caught fish.

The price doesn’t include:
– Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka


The price of the fishing from the Baikal shore or in the Angara river:
3 and more PAX – 4,000 rub per person
2 PAX – 4,500 rub per person
1 PAX – 5,000 rub

The price includes:
– Fishing gear,
– English-speaking instructor,
– Lunch.

The price doesn’t include:
– Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka

Please note! In June fish is spawning in the Angara and the fishing is prohobited. Fishing is allowed after June 25.



Baikal Fishing trip




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    13 thoughts on “One-day Baikal Fishing trip

      1. russia

        In November, the fishing takes place from a boat.
        Lake gets frozen in January.

      1. russia

        Hi Martin!

        November is good for night fishing. You can catch pike in November, February-early April. Why you choose pike? This is not a valuable spices in Baikal. I would recommend to fish grayling. It is available until late October.

    1. Anna

      We’re interested in fishing on ice on 27Feb2020. Where and what time should we meet?

      1. russia

        Could you please indicate how many people are coming?

        The price depends on the group size.
        3 and more PAX – 4,000 rub per person
        2 PAX – 4,500 rub per person
        1 PAX – 5,000 rub

        The price includes:
        – Fishing gear,
        – English-speaking instructor,
        – Lunch

        The departure time is about 10.00 – 10.30. The guide can pick you up at your hotel in Listvyanka. Could you please indicate the hotel name.

    2. Pucca

      the ice fishing is taking place on listvyanka or lake baikal? Since we will stay one night in Listvyanka on the day

      1. russia


        In January ice fishing is available near Listvyanka village. Availability depends on the ice condition on the lake. Most likely by late January, the ice will be strong and safe for ice fishing.

        You will hike for 1-5 km (or more) from Listvyanka. The distance depends on your preferences. Some tourists like to walk in the winter forest especially in nice weather.

        Then you will set a camp with a bonfire. The guide will teach you how to drill ice. You will make several holes and start fishing. The price is 4,000 rub per person. It includes fishing gear, English-speaking guide, and lunch (Siberian cuisine – Ukha, pirozhki, etc.)

    3. Pucca

      I want to make a reservation on Jan/26/2020 of one day ice fishing for 7 people, how can i make the reservation?

    4. Norm Crisp

      Late August 2020 fly fishing. I am a fly fishing guide and want to fish small rivers and streams.

      1. admin

        At this weekend, the fishing is only available from a boat. The Angara fishing is already booked.

        The fishing from a boat costs
        – 34000 rub per group of up to 10 persons for a 3-hour tour (1 h- 1h 20 min of fishing)
        – 55000 rub per group of up to 10 persons 6-hour tour (3-4 hours of fishing)


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