Baikal Christmas Cup <br>11-15 January 2022

Freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly heats Program: January 11th Arrival day, check in. January 12th Opening ceremony Freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly heats January 13 4×25 team relay, demonstration performances of freedivers January 14th Lake Baikal Tour January 15th Departure of participants Venues: Sakhyurt village, the water area of the Maloye Morye. Event cost: 500 rubles for all distances […]

Sagaalgan <br>2 Februrary 2022

The word “Sagaalgan” is translated as “White Month” from the Buryat language and is associated with coming spring. Sagaalgan is a New Year by Lunar Calendar. Almost every family in Buryatia irrespective of the faith and nationality celebrates the holiday. During the Sagaalgan different kinds of entertainment such as concerts, shows, musical festivals are held, […]

Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm” <br>11-13 February 2022

The unique project for lovers of extreme adventure! Spend three unforgettable days in the vast of winter Lake Baikal! 210 kilometers of ice … Ice skates, skis, bicycle … Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm” is the real test of character and personal empowerment. Participant chooses a discipline to take part in the competition: […]

Olkhon Ice Fest <br>13-21 Februrary 2022

In the winter season of 2021-2022, the Olkhon Ice Fest will become a part of the World Ice Sculpture Championship. The theme of the ice sculpture contest is “From the depths of centuries”. Masters from different countries and Russian cities will come to take part in the ice sculpture competition. Each participant has his own […]

XVIII Baikal Ice Marathon <br>27 February 2022

The world’s only marathon between two opposite shores of the planet’s deepest lake! Baikal Ice Marathon is both psychologically and physically demanding, as the clear air and flat terrain means runners can make out the distant finish line almost as soon as they begin – giving them nothing to focus on but how far they […]

Maslenitsa in Taltsy <br>28 February – 1 March 2022

the Taltsy Museum Maslenitsa is the oldest Russian national holiday, which has now passed from pre-Christian times, surviving after the baptism of Russia. read more… From February 28 to March 1, the Taltsy Museum invites everyone to widely, cheerfully, in the “Russian” style to celebrate their favorite national holiday – Shrovetide! The program for you […]

Baikal Mile Festival of Speed <br>February – March 2022 (to be confirmed)

lake Baikal, Maximikha, Republic of Buryatia The main idea of our event is to set speed records on a different types of vehicles on the ice surface of the deepest lake on Earth. On March 2019 on the eastern shore of the Baikal lake the first festival of speed “Baikal Mile” took its’ place. And […]

Baikal open International Ice Fishing Tournament <br>March 2022 (To be confirmed)

Baikal Kamchatka is an Ice Fishing Contest taking place on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal. Baikal Kamchatka is not associated with a huge and beautiful peninsula of the Russian Far East “Kamchatka”, but refers to a local ice-fishing slang. Baikal’s Kamchatka means a fishing spot where anglers come together and form a long line. […]

Baikal Ice Golf Festival <br>March 2022 (to be confirmed)

Surface cracks and ice hummocks created by wild Siberian nature form a fancy relief the Golf Course. 12th ice golf tournament is held in Listvyanka on the ice of Lake Baikal. Taking place on the transparent frozen surface of the Baikal the tournament promises to be spectacular and unpredictable. Baikal Ice Golf Festival is not only a […]