Saint Petersburg Tours

Notable buildings and courtyards of St. Petersburg

On tour for architecture lovers, you will see notable buildings and courtyards that are hidden behind the front façade, you will walk through a lot of courtyards with a shape of “well” that St. Petersburg is famous for.

Rooftop tour in St Petersburg

During the Rooftop tour in St Petersburg, you will visit a chain of rooftops in the historical part of the city. You will see the spires and domes of the main churches and cathedrals, and be able to look down along Nevsky Prospekt, the city’s main street.

Scarlet Sails Viewing

Scarlet Sails Festival is the most tremendous city performance of the year. We invite you to enjoy the performance from the comfortable rooftop spot with a breathtaking panorama. The viewing point is located on the 7th floor, and it is a private area with all facilities available

Saint Petersburg Military tour

On the Saint Petersburg Military tour, you will be able to ride and drive armoured vehicles, learn about WWII and Russian army, practice disassembly and assembly of the legendary AK-47, shoot firearms and visit historical bunkers.

Party tour in Saint Petersburg

Join the Party tour! Guided by expert of pub crawling, participants move from one bar to another, get to know each other, play funny games and contests, get bonuses and cocktails in bars. The tour will start in any weather, at any time of the year!

Cessna Air Tour

Flying on board of a light aircraft is a unique way to explore beauty of the palaces and forts of the city surroundings. Choose a duration of the Cessna Air Tour and see the aerial views of Peterhof, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum, Gulf of Finland and St Petersburg surroundings.

Saint Petersburg Helicopter Tour

Experience the Saint Petersburg Helicopter Tour, ensuring you have a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city. Taking off from the city’s central heliport you will be soaring along the Neva River experiencing some of the city’s greatest landmarks, including Peterhof and Kronstadt.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Explore the beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg during the Hot Air Balloon Ride. The woven wicker vessel will carry you to the heights to see beautiful landscapes from awe-inspiring angles. Take-off points are located in Puskin (Tsarskoye Selo), Krasnoye Selo and Volkhov.

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