Saint Petersburg Military tour

Duration: 3-9 hours 

Group: 1-100

Season: All year round

Language: English, German

Tour type: Military Tour, Adventure

Tour price: from 8500 rub per person

Saint Petersburg Military tour

On the Saint Petersburg Military tour, you will be able to ride armoured vehicles, learn about WWII and the Russian army, practice disassembly and assembly of the legendary AK-47 and try other military activities.

Book any vehicle from the list:
– Tank T-80
– Tank T-34
– Tank T-55
– Tank T-60
– Tank T-70
– Tank PT-76
– BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle)
– BTR-80 (Armored personnel carrier)
– BMP-2 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
– MTLB (Light Armoured Multipurpose Tracked Tractor).

On the Saint Petersburg Military Tour, the visitors are allowed to drive vehicles. Our instructor will introduce you to the technical characteristics of the tank and teach you how to control it. Then you will be able to drive independently. A specially designed route will make you feel like a real tankman on a battlefield. The super-powerful armoured vehicles will not leave anyone indifferent.
In addition, you can book target shooting with an AK-47 mockup (looks like a real rifle, but shoots with small safe bullets) or shooting real firearms with blank ammunition.

Saint Petersburg Military tour options:
1. Group tour. Available according to a schedule.
2. Private military games. Available anytime.
3. Private Tank riding. Available anytime.
4. Private Military activities. Available anytime.

Please note! The tank tours are also available in other Russian cities:

1. Armata T-14 (Moscow)
2. T-62 and T-80 (Moscow)
3. T-34 (Moscow)
4. M4 Sherman (Novosibirsk)
5. Replica of German JagdPanther tank destroyer (Moscow).

Group Tour

The price of the Saint Petersburg Military tour (group): 8500 rub per person (5-8 PAX).

The price includes:
– BRDM ride
– 10 blank shots of AK-47
– English-speaking guide
– Transfer to the military ground

The price doesn’t include:
– BRDM driving – 4000 rub per person
– Food and beverage

Military Games

Military quest
This thrilling military game will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of a military operation. The participants will be provided with a real armored vehicle, equipment, and weapons. The scenario of the realistic military game involves terrorists and searches for a black box. Rest assured you will have an unforgettable experience! Military uniform included.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Group: up to 10 people
Price: 75,000 rub per group of up to 10 people

Big military-tactic show
A real theater of war will play out in front of you. The show includes evacuation of the wounded and involves several military cars, armoured vehicles, guns, explosions, and smokescreens. The visitors might participate in the show and learn combat tactics and battle survival. Military uniform, field lunch, adrenalin, and smell of gunpowder are included!

Duration: 2-3 hours
Group: up to 12 people
Price: from 180,000 rub per group of up to 12 people

Tank riding

The Saint Petersburg military tour offers variety of vehicles for riding and driving:
1. Tank T-80: 165,000 rub per group of up to 5 people
Fast and furious T-80, Ferrari among the tanks! The tank with a gas turbine engine that sounds like a taking off jet plane!
2. Tank T-34: 280,000 rub per group of up to 6 people
T-34, the winner of the Second World War. Firepower, defensive potentialities, and mobility allow the T-34 to be called “Tank Number 1” in the history of military technology.
3. Tank T-55: 88,000 rub per group of up to 6 people
The most mass-produced tank in history. Still in service in many countries.
4. PT-76 tank: 72,000 rub per group of up to 6 people.
PT-76 is a Soviet light amphibious tank. It could swim for hours if necessary and even fire its main gun while afloat.
5. T-60: 70,000 rub per group of up to 6 people.
The T-60 scout tank was a light tank produced by the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1942.
6. Tank T-70: 105,000 rub per group of up to 6 people
The T-70, a light tank used by the Red Army during World War II, replaced both the T-60 scout tank for reconnaissance and the T-50 light infantry tank for infantry support.
7. BRDM-2: 27,000 rub per group of up to 6 people.
BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle) is a four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle with high cross-country ability.
8. BTR-80: 36,000 rub per group of up to 8-9 people.
BTR-80 (armoured personnel carrier) is an 8×8 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier designed in the USSR.
9. MT-LB: 45,000 rub per group of up to 10-12 people.
MT-LB (Light Armoured Multipurpose Tracked Tractor) is a Soviet multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armored tracked vehicle.
10. BMP-2: 59,000 rub per group of up to 10 people.
BMP-2 (Infantry fighting vehicle) is a second-generation, amphibious infantry fighting tracked vehicle.

Military activities

To have more fun combine tank ride with any activity from the list below:

Tank driving

Why just ride a tank when you can drive it? After all, not every day you get the opportunity to drive a 35-ton vehicle.
BTR, BMP, BRDM, MT-LB: 4000 rub per person
Tank driving (T-80, T-55): 7000 rub per person


The instructor will teach you how to handle weapons properly, how to charge and discharge them during a fight.
Legendary AK-47: 6,500 rub for 30 bullets
RPO-a flamethrower! Cooler than bazooka! 6,000 rub per shot
ZIS-3 cannon. A 76 mm anti-tank gun of 1942, the most mass produced Soviet cannon during the Second World War. 12,000 rub per shot.
Machine guns, 20 shots: RPD 8,000 rub; RP-46 10,000 rub

Car crash

Nothing is more thrilling than hearing the metal crumple and the glass shatter as you smashing a car by a 30-ton military vehicle.
MT-LB: 65,000 rub
Tank: 105,000 rub

Military tactics lesson

Military tactics lesson includes training in the skillful handling of weapons and military equipment, deployment of groups in battle formations and tactics in conditions of high risk and potential threats.
Price: 7,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Capture by the “Russian special forces” prank

Brave guys in real camouflage, with assault rifles and chevrons. The emotions are the most real and the aftertaste is like on the set of a blockbuster. The best Bachelor Party Idea is a groom kidnapping with the chase. We guarantee adrenaline and incredible impressions!
Price: 15,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Firetag game (real weapons + blank shooting + laser aiming)

Firetag is another great stag party idea. In contrast with lasertag, firetag game involves real blank firing guns with IR emitters and IR sensors that detect if you are hit. You will be given a real 7.62mm Kalashnikov with blank ammo. The game is available even for a small group (1-3 people). The staff of the military ground might complement your team or play on the enemy side.
Price: 4,000 rub per person (20 bullets included)

Russian off-road ride in UAZ

Experience Russian traditional off-road ride along difficult paths with puddles, ravines, mud, snow, or sand – all that ordinary cars are afraid of is good for Russian UAZ!
Price: 8,000 rub per group of up to 3 people

Master class of Assembly/Disassembly of Kalashnikov

The master class will cover step by step instructions on the maintenance, disassembly, and reassembly of AK-47. You will be able to compete with the members of your group for the fastest disassembly or against the clock if you wish.
Price: 6,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Knives throwing

Learn the art of throwing knives, test your skill and aim, and practice concentration.
Price: 10,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Imitation of a chemical attack

A chemical attack is the spreading of toxic chemicals with the intent to do harm. The training is designed to teach our visitors how to react correctly to a chemical warfare attack and use protective equipment properly.
Price: 13,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Mine clearance competition

Mine clearance is the process of removing land mines from an area. In military operations, the object is to rapidly clear a path through a minefield.
Compete who is the faster to clear the field from mines!
Price: 7,000 rub per group of up to 8 people


Learn drill commands and techniques with and without weapons. A great fun for a group of friends.
Price: 2,500 rub per group of up to 8 people

Military taxi

A real armoured vehicle will come to bring you to any place. Find out what it is like to arrive at the restaurant in a military car. Just imagine – you are getting out of the car like a boss…
Price: from 40,000 rub depending on route

Photo session

A professional photographer knows the best angles for military photo shooting. He will accompany you while you are on the military ground, riding tanks, shooting weapons, and doing other activities.
Price: 5,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Military lunch

It is nice to end the open air activities with a delicious military lunch and a shot of vodka. Vegetarian menu is available.
Price: 7,000 rub per group of up to 8 people

Explosion (pyrotechnics)

Want more impressions and cool pictures? Add fire to your event!
Price: 12,000 rub 

Please note! The above prices do not include:
– Transfer to the military ground (from 5,000 rub)
– Food and beverage unless specified
– Military uniform unless specified

On the Saint Petersburg Military tour, you will find a roar of an engine with a capacity of more than 300 hp and unforgettable impressions!

Other Military tours:

MAKS air show has traditionally hosted the most significant flight programmes in the world both in terms of the number of aircraft in the sky and the total duration of flights, and of course, Maks Air Show will not be an exception.

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Experience an unforgettable adventure, a tank driving tour. Take a ride in a T-62, T-80, an Armoured personnel carrier, an Infantry fighting vehicle, or a Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle.

We are happy to offer you a unique historical tour “Battle of Moscow”. You will be able to ride an authentic T-34-76 tank, shoot 4 types of historical weapons and have a great chance to try on a uniform of the Soviet army.

FireTag: AKM Blank Firing and LaserTag. Only in Russia! Noise, Flash and Shell ejection! Experience a whole new level of military tactical gaming based on the MILES simulation technology.

During the Patriot Park and Kubinka tank museum tour, you will be walking among the numerous military vehicles in the company of our knowledgeable guide, who will reveal the hidden history of Park’s exhibits.

On the Monino Aviation Museum tour, you will see the military aircraft of the early 20th century and WWII, supersonic jet aircraft, and the largest helicopter ever built.

The cheapest, but still impressive tank ride in Moscow. Tourists are offered to ride a replica of German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther of 1943. A 8-km route passes through the rough terrain. The exciting journey takes 25-35 minutes.

We found a way how to ride a modern Russian tank without breaking any bans. We offer you to ride a replica of the most modern Russian tank T-14 ARMATA.

Annually, teams from over 20 countries are taking part in the Tank biathlon. The teams will show their skills in driving, shooting and overcoming insidious obstacles.

Tour to the International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY». Over 300 pieces of military equipment! Military show and aerobatic performances. 

Here comes the absolutely most awesome experience you can try in Russia. Piloting, formation flight, aerobatic maneuvers, authentic military airfield… Become a part of the Russian aerobatic team “Russ” and fly L-39 Albatros.

Always dreamed of being a pilot of a fighter jet? Or just curious about what is like to be in the pilot’s seat and control a 20-ton flying vehicle? We offer you to make your dream come true with a 30 minute SU-27 fighter jet flight simulator.

Novosibirsk tank tour will take you through the time and will remain an everlasting memory of your exciting journey to the heart of Siberia.

Irkutsk tank tour is an awesome and unforgettable experience in the Baikal region. Though this area was not a place of severe battles of World War II, several powerful tanks have been recreated there. We’ve yet to see anyone walk away without the biggest smile!

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