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Lake Baikal Events

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ice sculptures Crystal Seal baikal events

Festival of ice sculptures “Crystal Seal”
13 February 2019

Festival of ice sculptures “Crystal Seal” is embodiment of successful collaboration of human art and nature.


All the sculptures of the festival are made of the pure Baikal’s ice.
The number of sculptures usually varies from about 15 to 30 and depends on the number of teams taking part in the competition.
It is advisable to visit the exhibition during sunset, as all the figures look stunning in the rays of the setting sun.
There are numerous cafes in Listvyanka, where you can warm up after a long stay on the ice.

Venue: Listvyanka, the area in front of Mayak hotel.
Event cost: 250 Rub


10419a2a-aa56-4642-a3be-8673df1a4c96_jpg_940x1000_stretch-1_q92 Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm”
17-19 February 2019

The unique project for lovers of extreme adventure! Spend three unforgettable days in the vast of winter Lake Baikal!


205 kilometers of ice … Ice skates, skis, bicycle …
Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm” is the real test of character and personal empowerment.

Participant chooses a discipline to take part in the competition: skates, skis or bicycle.
The race consists of three stages, each of which lasts 1 day. The total length of the rout is 205 km (127 mi). The racers are accompanied by hovercraft along the way.
After each stage, participants are offered an overnight stay in local hostels. All the personal belongings of the participants are transported to the lodging place.

First stage on February 17 starts at Sakhayurta village and ends at Talovka
Second stage on February 18 starts at Talovka and ends at Bolshoye Goloustnoye village
Third stage on February 19 starts at Bolshoye Goloustnoye village and ends at Listvyanka.


sarminsky-shkval Festival of winter outdoor activities “Sarminsky Shkval”
3-5 March 2019

The IX annual festival of winter sports “Sarminsky barrage” will take place at the Small Sea area of the Baikal.


The concept of the festival is based on the idea of combining a variety of winter outdoor activities carried out on the frozen lake in the vicinity of the Small Sea. This fact makes the program of the festival diverse, rich and interesting to almost everyone.

The festival’s program includes ice skating, skiing, biking, and Nordic walking, over the following distances:
1. «Hard trip»
Route MRS-Uzury-MRS.
Duration: 2 days.
2. “ice track”, 50 km and 25 km
3. Children competition, 5 km
4. Nordic walking competition, 15, 10, 5, 2 km
5. Ice climbing competitions.

Venue: Sakhyurta village


Lake Baikal events Sled Dog Sled Dog Race
5-10 March 2019

Dog-drivers on sleds will compete riding on the frozen Baikal and through taiga, passing small Siberian villages.


The Baikal Sled Dog Race takes place annually in March. It is also called the “Baikal Race”. The length of the route vary from 56 to 500 km (35 – 310 mi).
Baikal dogsledding race is an unforgettable experience in which you are driving your own dogsled powered by a team of friendly dogs.

Venue: The starting point is in Irkutsk.
Cost of participation: 5,000 – 8,000 Rub.


Lake Baikal events Ice Marathon

Baikal Ice Marathon
7 March 2019

The world’s only marathon between two opposite shores of the planet’s deepest lake!


Baikal Ice Marathon is both psychologically and physically demanding, as the clear air and flat terrain means runners can make out the distant finish line almost as soon as they begin – giving them nothing to focus on but how far they are from their goal.
The utterly featureless landscape gives little or no sense of perspective to competitors. It is a long, cold, lonely 42.2 km trail across the barren white landscape, where progress is marked only by checkpoints positioned at 5 km intervals (with hot drinks, food, and, for the brave, more vodka).

Venue: Depending on ice conditions the starting line of the Baikal Ice Marathon will be located either in the settlement of Listvyanka on the western shore of Lake Baikal or near the stations of Tankhoy or Pereyomnaya on the eastern shore of the Baikal.
Cost of participation: EURO 1245. The cost includes registration, start fee, 2 nights’ accommodation on twin room sharing basis with 2 breakfasts, one lunch and 2 dinners (including Award Reception party), arrival and departure transfer, as well as transfer to the starting line on the day of its commencement.


blue-iceMusic Festival “Blue Ice”
7-8 March 2019

Moscow musicians will perform classical and contemporary music right on the frozen lake’s surface.


The festival offers the most unusual combinations of musical instruments: piano and theremin, ice percussion, jade bells, etc.

Venue: Olkhon island, Khuzhir village
Event cost: Free


Lake Baikal events Ice Golf

Baikal Ice Golf Festival
11-12 March 2019

Surface cracks and ice hummocks created by wild Siberian nature form a fancy relief the Golf Course.


12th ice golf tournament is held in Listvyanka on the ice of Lake Baikal. Taking place on the transparent frozen surface of the Baikal the tournament promises to be spectacular and unpredictable.
Baikal Ice Golf Festival is not only a competition. This event give to participants a great opportunity to see the stunning nature of the lake, admire the sunsets over the snow caps of Sayan and Khamar-Daban, meet real Buryat shamans, take a ride on a dogsled or go to a ski resort “Mountain Sable” located 150 km far from Irkutsk.
Take part in the contest and spend the day on the shores of Lake Baikal getting new emotions and taking vivid photos!

Venue: Listvyanka, Irkutsk region
Event cost: Prices vary from 200 to 600 Rub
Website: (Rus)


ice-marchBaikal Ice March
13-16, 18-21, 23-26, 28-31 March 2019

Baikal Ice March is a historical reconstruction of the Baikal ice crossings by Russian troops in 1904-1905.


The main feature of the event is a two-day crossing of Lake Baikal in winter clothing of the Russian Imperial Army, with a set of utensils and items of the early twentieth century, as well as meal of that epoch.

In accordance with the historical logistics Baikal Ice March will start at the west shore of the lake at Baranchik Cape, Port Baikal and follow towards the Tankhoy station located on the east shore. Participants will spend a night in a tent on the frozen lake near the station “Seredina”.
The length of the route is 44 verst (47 km/29 mi).

Venue: Port Baikal


Baikal Tours FishingBaikal Kamchatka
19 March 2019

Baikal Kamchatka is an Ice Fishing Contest taking place on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal.


Baikal Kamchatka is not associated with a huge and beautiful peninsula of the Russian Far East “Kamchatka”, but refers to a local ice-fishing slang. Baikal’s Kamchatka means a fishing spot where anglers come together and form a long line.
The contest lasts for 5 hours; however, the duration might be changed due to the weather conditions.
For those who want to take part in the contest but can’t get there on these dates, RussiaEguide offers all-year-round fishing trip to the Baikal.

Duration: 8:00-13.00
Venue: Olkhon Island, Maloye Morye strait, near Tainiki cape.
Event cost: 200 USD per team (4 people).


Baikal events

Erdyn Games
16-18 June 2019

The international ethno-cultural festival Erdyn Games (Erdyn Naadan) will bring together shamans and athletes.


The festival program includes Buryat national struggle, throwing 10-pound stone at a distance, shooting from the traditional national archery, shearing sheep, running on 800 meters around the mountain Ekhe Erd, stick pulling, playing Buryat chess “Shatar” and this list isn’t going to end.
The cultural program will include Yokhor, a traditional circle dance, around the hill Erd. To enclose the circle at least 700 participants are needed.

A traditional contest “Beauty of Erdynsky games” will take place as a part of the festival. Unmarried girls from 15 to 26 years will have to complete four competitive tasks.

Venue: The west shore of the Baikal in the valley river Anga at the foot of the hill Ekhe Erd (to be confirmed).
Event cost: Free


Strawberry Festival Baikal eventsStrawberry Festival “Viktoriya”
19-21 July 2019

The annual strawberry festival offers strawberry market, the mass eating of a strawberry pie, lots and lots of strawberries and other entertainment.


Strawberry festival is one of the most popular festivals of lake Baikal, which is held during the strawberry harvest time grown in the rays of the Baikal! The festival is accompanied by a entertainment program and performances of music bands.
Guests will be able to enjoy tasty “strawberry masterpieces” and buy a lot of ripe strawberries.

Venue: Baikalsk
Event cost: Free


Blacksmith festival Baikal events

Blacksmith Festival “Forging lace of the Baikal”
1-6 August 2019

The best Siberian blacksmiths will come to Slyudyanka to demonstrate their skills, share experiences, and show their works.


They will create objects of artistic forging to present them at the festival. Besides, master classes dedicated to production of forging souvenirs will be held during the festival.

Venue: Baikalsk
Event cost: Free


Baikal fish festival

Baikal fish festival
19 August 2019

Avid fishermen will compete in catching fish and preparation of the most delicious ukha (traditional Russian fish soup).


Visitors will enjoy stunning Baikal expanses and majestic mountain ranges.
Various performances and competition will accompany the festival. The event promises to be exciting.

Venue: Utulic village
Event cost: Free


Lake baikal events windsurfing

The water sport festival “Baikal wind”
Mid-August 2019 (To be confirmed)

The annual festival of water sport “Baikal wind” is traditionally held in the Bay “Possolsky sor”, near the walls of the ancient Transfiguration Monastery.


More than 200 athletes take part in the festival, the main objectives of which are to promote healthy lifestyles, to improve sports skills, and to promote adventure sports.
The festival activities include windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, water-skiing, beach volleyball, and even fishing and spear fishing. During 2 days, spectators and participants of the festival can take part in various master classes including capoeira, hatha yoga and Latin dance.
The Festival “Baikal wind” combines the main directions of young audience’s interests – music and extreme sports! Do not miss this event!

Venue: Bay “Possolsky sor”
Event cost: The prices varie from 200 to 600 Rub


Baikal events The day of the Baikal
11 September 2019

The events draws attention to protection of the unique lake and help resolve some ecological issues.


On this day, entertainments of various types are held in Listvyanka village: contests, performances, Photo exhibitions dedicated to the Baikal.
In the evening, the open-air disco will be held right on the shore of the lake.
Volunteers and those who care about the future of the holy lake will be mobilized to clean the shore of the Baikal.

Venue: Listvyanka
Event cost: Free




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