Sheregesh Attractions

Ski resort Sheregesh 

The variety of the terrain and trails make the ski resort Sheregesh attractive for all level skiers: the beginners can use a magnificent long bunny slope at the foot of the mountain. The expert skiers can enjoy the natural off-piste terrain with steep slopes without fear of facing an avalanche.

The Wayside Cross 

The Wayside Cross on Kurgan Mountain in Mountain Shoria is the most famous in Siberia. There is a snowmobile route to the Cross from the top of Green Mountain that takes 15-20 minutes. It is the most popular snowmobile trip in Sheregesh in winter.

Mustag Mountain 

Mustag Mountain is the highest mountain and the second most popular peak in Sheregesh. Despite poor infrastructure, the mountain has already won the love of many adventurers. Fans of freeride and backcountry have appreciated the steepness of its slopes. 

Camels buttes 

Camels buttes are located on a slope of Kurgan Mountain. They are remnants of magma destroyed by rain, wind and frost. The range received its name after one of the buttes that resembles a lying camel. The range contains a lot of fantastical rocks.

Where to go out in Sheregesh.

Where to go out in Sheregesh. The alpine ski resort Sheregesh has everything you need for a good rest after hard physical strain on the slope. There are a lot of places to go out including night clubs, ice rink, spa complexes with Russian banya, etc.

The Upside-down House 

The Upside-down House is situated near a group of hotels close to the Sky Way ski trail and a station of the chairlift “Ryzhaya”. The whole building with all the furniture, dishes, household appliances and home furnishings was put upside down.


Tashtagol is the administrative centre of Tashtagol district of Kemerovo region of Russian Federation. The city is the end station of the South-Kuzbass branch of the West-Siberian Railway. Often Tashtagol serves as a departure point for Sheregesh.

Shorian National Park 

Shorian National Park spreads 110km from south to north and 90km from east to west. A great variety of outstanding natural monuments are located in the Shorian park, such as solutional caves in the basins of the Mras-Su and Kabyrza rivers, bare peaks with solutional lakes and buttes.

Ethnographical open air museum Tazgol 

Ethnographical open air museum Tazgol is situated on the territory of the Shorian national park in the wide valley of the Anzas river mouth in the village of Ust-Anzas (60km from Tashtagol). The display of the museum shows the cultural traditions of the mountain Shors.

Open air museum Shorsky Gulag

The exposition of the open air museum Shorsky Gulag in Ust-Kabyrza village is dedicated to the victims of Stanin’s repressions. The visitors will have a chance to try on prisoners’ clothes, take part in the hardest work of logging, spend some hours in a cell and visit a “black banya”.

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