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Moscow Events

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Free admission to VDNKh museums Free admission to VDNKh museums
January – December 2021
VDNKh exhibition centre

Visit Slovo Slavic Writing Centre, VDNKh Museum, Buran Interactive Museum Complex, and Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre Tuesday to Friday.


VDNKh extends one of the most popular campaigns launched in the anniversary season. Exhibition projects of Russia’s chief exhibition will be available for free until the end of 2021. Enjoy free admission to the Slovo Slavic Writing Centre, VDNKh Museum, Buran Interactive Museum Complex, and the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre.
Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 am till 03:00 pm, you are welcome to find out about the achievements of Russian cosmonautics, trace the evolution of the Cyrillic alphabet, learn about what happened to the Soviet Buran orbital boost-glide aircraft, and take a trip through the 80-year history of VDNKh. Monday is an upkeep day.
Other benefits will also be available in 2021. Every third Sunday of the month, 11:00 am till 10:00 pm, you can visit VDNKh Museum, Buran Complex and the Slovo Centre for free. All VDNKh’s museum and exhibition projects offer free admission any day except Monday for disabled children, orphans and parentless children, children under 6, disabled people (Group 1 and Group 2), multi-child family members, WWII veterans, and schoolchildren within guided tours. The full list of benefits is available on the websites of the exhibition museums.

Currently, VDNKh has 12 museums.
Event cost: Free


Free Museum Days Moscow events Free Museum Days in Moscow
3rd week of each month
Moscow museums

Third week of each month is a week when everyone can visit most Moscow museums for free.



It should be noted, that open museum day is carried out only by the museums that are under control of City Department of Culture. While the museums of the federal level (eg, Tretyakov Gallery, the Historical Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts) don’t participate in this initiative.
Please note! On these special days the number of visitors is greater than on other days of the year. So be prepared for queues.

Venues: For the full list of the museums involved in the action see the link.
Event cost: Free


Group Military Tours in Moscow
March – May 2021
Military grounds and museums

The tank tours are quite expencive for individuals, that is why we designed the group tours. See the schedule below.



The schedule of military tours in March – May 2021:

1. Ride on a replica of the German JagdPanther tank destroyer (from 11,500 rub per person).
(Moscow): March 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29
April 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
May 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31

2. Ride on a replica of the newest Russian tank T-14 ARMATA (from 20,500 rub per person). The tour is also includes a visit to the museum of military vehicles, 10 blank shots of AK-47, assembling/disassembling of AK-47, and military lunch.
(Moscow): March 7, 22 at 11:30 and 14:30
April 4, 19 at 11:30 and 14:30
May 2, 9 at 11:30 and 14:30

3. Ride on the replica of the self-propelled gun “Gromada” (18,500 rub per person).
(Moscow): March 1 at 11:30
April 5 at 11:30
May 3 at 11:30


golden mask MoscowGolden Mask
16 March – 20 April 2021
Moscow theatres

Golden Mask is a Theatre Festival that demonstrates the most significant premiers of the previous season.



Golden Mask is also the National Theatre Award established in 1993 by the Theatre Union of Russian Federation. The Golden Mask Award is the most prestigious award in different genres of theatre art: opera, ballet, drama, modern dance, operetta, musical, and puppet theatre.

Venue: Various venues across Moscow
Event cost: Ticket prices vary


space day moscow events

Cosmonautics Day
12 April 2021
Throughout Moscow

On April 12, 1961, the 27-year-old Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft.



In the Russia Cosmonautics Day was instituted as a memorable date.
Celebrations on Cosmonautics Day start off with a commemoration ceremony in the city of Korolyov, which is considered the cradle of space exploration.
The ceremony proceeds to Red Square for a visit to Yuri Gagarin’s grave which is located in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.
The procession continues to Cosmonauts Alley, which displays busts of people that played a key role in the the Soviet space program including Yuri Gagarin, Sergei Korolyov and Valentina Tereshkova.
The festival’s main events are held at the VDNKh (the National Exhibition of Economic Achievement).

Venues: Red Square, VDNKh, Cosmonauts Alley, Korolyov town, etc.
Event cost: free


Rehearsals of Victory Day military parade moscow events

Rehearsals of Victory Day military parade
April – May 2021 (To be confirmed)
Throughout Moscow

Moscow visitors will be able to see military hardware rolling across Moscow’s streets during the rehearsals of Victory Day parade.



Unfortunately, the parade is an invitation-only event. Tickets cannot be bought; they are distributed among veterans and their carers, civil servants, senior military officers, and members of the media. However, for those who still want to witness the Russian military hardware on the move, three rehearsals of Victory Day parade are scheduled to take place in April and May. Military machines and marching servicemen will move along Tverskaya Street and further to Red Square, where the rehearsal takes place being part of large-scale preparations for the Victory Day parade.

In 2021, evening disciplines of walking parade crews and equipment will be held at the very end of April and about 3-4 May. Trial manoeuvres usually begin at 22:00 and end atlate at night. At the same time, in the morning after the last night rehearsal, several tens of minutes are given to the flight of aircraft over the city. And a couple of days before the holiday at exactly 10:00 the final rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Moscow starts. It is worth saying that the last practice of manoeuvres completely repeats the route that the columns will follow on Victory Day. Moreover, on this day not only partial military exercises will take part in the rehearsal, but all infantry columns, war equipment and aircraft as well.
To have time to line up, the parade participants will begin to move towards the Nizhnye Mnevniki Street at 18:00. However, this only applies to evening disciplines. In case of the general run servicemen and devices will start moving towards the departure point at 06:00. The deployment of troops takes place at a sandlot opposite house # 45 in Nizhnye Mnevniki Street.
Further, the columns move in Zvenigorodskoye Shosse to Barrikadnaya, along Triumfalnaya Square and Tverskaya Square, through Manezhka to Red Square. If you do not have time to see the passage of equipment on the way to the Kremlin, then there is a chance to find a detour route, but it is somewhat different. Departure is performed through Vasilievsky descent and the Kremlin embankment, further along, Mokhovaya to Novy Arbat, to Barrikadnaya and the starting point – Lower Mnevniki. At the same time, it will be most convenient to observe the aviation manoeuvres from the Sofia and Kremlin Embankments, as well as on the Leningradskoye Highway and the Belorussky Train Station.
Event cost: Free


Moskva River summer navigation season Moskva River summer navigation season
April – October 2021
The Moskva River

The summer navigation season begins in late April and involved over 150 boats. There are ten major river routes, including those beyond the city.


River navigation season in Moscow continues until the end of October.
Visitors can take a river bus at the berth near the Kievsky Railway Station, Novospassky Bridge in Gorky Park, at the Sparrow Hills, etc. On the way you will see such iconic Moscow sights as the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the monument to Peter the Great, Krymsky Bridge, Gorky Park’s embankment, the Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University and Novodevichy Convent.
The end of the summer navigation season in Moscow is slated for late October, but the exact date depends on weather conditions.

Venue: Moskva River
Event cost: Priсes start from 500 Rub

Photo by trolleway


cavalry guard change moscow events

Kremlin’s cavalry guard change
April – October 2021
Cathedral Square of the Kremlin

The Formal Infantry and Horse Guard Mounting Parade of the Presidential Regiment takes place around 20 times from April to October.



A centuries-old tradition of the ceremonial changing of the guard revives in Kremlin each Saturday through the Russian warm season. The ceremony involving infantry and cavalry was first started by Peter the Great. Nowadays, Presidential Regiment troops of the Special Guard, the Cavalry Escort of Honor and the Presidential Orchestra take part in the changing of the guard. The ceremony is a mix of intricate maneuvers by the infantrymen and cavalrymen, special arms’ drills and musical performances.

Venue: Cathedral Square of the Kremlin
Time: Each Saturday at 12:00 pm
Event cost: Admission is by the ticket for visiting the architectural complex of the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square (Annunciation, Assumption and Archangel Cathedrals and of the Patriarch’s Palace and the Church of the Twelve Apostles) – 500 rub.


Moscow events labour day

Spring and Labour Day
1 May 2021
Throughout Moscow

In the former Soviet Union, 1 May was International Workers’ Day and was celebrated with huge parades in Russian cities.



But after the collapse of communism the annual parade gave way to less political festivities.

Remember, that May 1-3 are official days-off. On these days most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Free


Moscow events Paskha

Paskha (Easter)
2 May 2021
Throughout Moscow

The Orthodox festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.



Paskha is how Russians call Easter, the main holiday of the Russian Orthodox Church. Believers end 40 days of fasting with midnight church services. During Paskha is customary to eat “Kulich” and “Paskha”, special yeast fruit cakes.

Easter Gift festival concerts and performances will take place at 24 venues in the centre of the city as well as in 19 parks. There will also be special classes and workshops teaching people how to prepare good food for Lent and traditional Easter specialities.

Venue: Different locations around Moscow
Event cost: Free


Moscow events victory day

Victory Day
9 May 2021
Throughout Moscow

Victory day or 9 May marks the day when the German military surrendered to the USSR in Berlin in 1945. Book a cruise and see fireworks



This day became the end of the Second World War (also known as the Great Patriotic War) for the USSR. Military parades are held annually throughout the country to celebrate this day. The biggest parade is in Moscow’s Red Square. Special parties, performances and concerts are organized for veterans as well. As a sign of respect and remembrance people give red carnations to veterans in the street and wear black-and-yellow St. George ribbon on their clothes.

Victory Day military parades will be held in 26 Russian cities. The Moscow’s one will start at 10:00.

On the Red Square on May 9 there will be 33 ceremonial calculations, which is 12,500 people (last year – 10,001 servicemen). More than 120 units of combat equipment are expected (last year – 114) and 73 – aviation (last year – 72). Among the equipment, T-90A and T-14 “Armata” tanks, BMP-3 and “Kurganets” infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-82A and “Boomerang” armored personnel carriers, strategic missile systems “Yars” and other vehicles.

And in the sky over the Kremlin will fly strategic missile carriers Tu-160, Tu-95 MS, long-range Tu-22 M3 bombers, Il-78 tankers, An-124 and Il-76 MD military transporters, Su-35S, Su- 30 SM, MiG-29, MiG-31, Su-34 and Su-24M front-line bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft, Mi-26, Mi-8, Mi-28N, Ka-52, Mi-24P helicopters.

Remember, that May 8-10 are official days-off. On these days most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

A number of novelties have been revealed during the parade rehearsal, as for the first time it included the tank fire support armored fighting vehicles “Terminator,” which have a high level of security and firepower, anti-aircraft missile system “Tor M2”, cars “Typhoon-K”, “Ural 432009” and “Patrol”. However, these vehicles will not be seen during the rehearsal, as they will go in cases. Among the other military vehicles are T-90A and T-14 “Armata” tanks, BMP-3 and “Kurganets” infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-82A and “Boomerang” armored personnel carriers, strategic missile systems “Yars” and other vehicles.

This year, 12,500 servicemen took part in the Victory Day Parade (last year – 10,001 servicemen). More than 120 military vehicles are expected (last year there were 114 units) and 73 aviation units (last year 72 units were involved).

Venue: Red Square
Time: 10:00
Event cost: Free

If your trip to Russia coincides with Victory Day, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it on the the yacht, enjoying the delicious food, live music and fireworks.

Book a cruise


Theatre Night
22 May 2021
Moscow theatres

At dozens of Moscow theatres, festival visitors will be able to attend open rehearsals, premiere shows, tours, workshops and meet-and-greets.



This year, the festival’s theme will be “Theatrical Dynasties: Theatre Legends.” Almost 60 Moscow theatres will participate in the event by organising repertory performances, workshops, meet-and-greets with famous actors, playwrights and members of theatrical dynasties, plus various behind-the-scenes tours.

Price: Free
Registration starts at noon, on 16 May.
To attend any of the events, please register in advance by calling the theatre of interest or visiting its official website.


The Moscow Cycling Festival
23 May 2021
Sakharov Avenue

A new format of city event, it’s a multi-format action that unites sport, culture, lifestyle and puts Moscow on a par with major European and world capitals.



12 AM
Opening the festival village on Sakharov Avenue with the main entrance from the Komsomolskaya square. All guests and participants will enjoy an entertainment program on the central stage, contests with prizes and gifts, food courts and interactive zones.
1 PM
The cycling column will start moving along the closed Garden Ring. No cars! Only sunny spring city and a great mood!
4 PM
Closing the festival village and finishing all the entertainment program.

Participation in the Moscow Cycling Festival is free, everyone can participate. Cycling festival is not a sport event, special training program or equipment is not required. You can participate with any sport level riding any bike.

Participation in the Moscow Cycling Festival is free, everyone can participate. Cycling festival is not a sport event, special training program or equipment is not required. You can participate with any sport level riding any bike.
Event cost: Free


Red Square Book Festival
3 – 6 June 2021
Red Square

The annual book festival takes place in Red Square and is timed to coincide with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, and Russian Language Day.



Throughout Red square, there will be book stands, tents for meetings with authors and round tables, spaces for children and master classes, and lounge areas.
A stage will be built near St. Basil’s Cathedral to host performances by famous artists, musicians, film and theater stars.

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Free
Website: (Rus)


Moscow events russia dayRussia Day
12 June 2021
Throughout Moscow

Russia Day is the national holiday of the Russian Federation, which has been celebrated every year on June 12 since 1992.



On this day, in 1990, Russian parliament declared Russian sovereignty from the USSR.

Concerts and fireworks take place in many cities throughout the country. There is a big celebration and parade at Moscow’s Red Square.

Remember, that June 12-14 are official days-off. On these days most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events..

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Free


moscow events Times and Epochs Festival“Times & Epochs” Festival
1 – 12 June 2021 (To be confirmed)
Throughout Moscow

9 days, 30 locations, and 6000 participants. Parks and squares, streets and boulevards will become camps for reenactors from all over the world.



The idea of the festival is to gather in the Russian capital all the best from the world of mondial reenactment. Different epochs will be intertwined in the streets and parks in the integer historical performance. Muscovites and tourists will walk around the center from one era to another, go to the parks to see a XVII century battle or Catherine the Great’s cavalcade, a combat of Roman legions with barbarians or a camp of the Russian Imperial Army.
The festival will open with the arrival of a retro train to one of the Moscow Stations, built in the early XX century. On the train to the capital will come reenactors, representing all the epochs of the festival.

Admission: Free


MAKS Moscow moscow eventsMAKS Air Show
20-25 July 2021
Zhukovsky town

The International Air show MAKS occupies a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums.


Air show includes strategic displays of aerospace production, demonstration flights, various forums and seminars. Different types of aircrafts will be displayed in the sky and at the static stand.
The show is traditionally held on odd years, so do not try to find any information on MAKS 2018, MAKS 2020, etc.

Venue: Ramenskoye airfield
Address: Zhukovsky town, Moscow Region
Event cost: Ticket prices vary


International festival of fireworks
17-18 August 2021
Brateyevsky Park

The 3rd International festival of fireworks “Rostec” will bring together leading pyrotechnics of the world.



Teams from eight countries (Russia, Austria, Armenia, Brazil, China, Romania, Croatia and Japan) will fire off about 60,000 volleys into the sky, which is 10,000 more than last year. About 27 tonnes of fireworks will be used in the competition. Fireworks will reach a height of 200 metres.

Visitors will enjoy concerts, master classes, quests, meetings with poets and actors, sports entertainment and much more. This year’s festival theme, Moscow on Seven Hills, is dedicated to the upcoming city anniversary. Hummocks in Brateyevsky Park will be named after historical hills, and interesting art pieces will be displayed on them.

Visitors will also be able to walk along an arts and crafts market and explore a historical food court to try national cuisines from many countries.

Time: The site will be open from noon and the fireworks show will run from 9 pm until 10:45 pm.
Venue: Brateyevsky Park
How to get to Brateyevsky Park:The nearest metro stations are Borisovo, Alma-Altinskaya, Shipilovskaya. The nearest bus stops are Borisovo, Borisov Ponds (Borisovskie prudi), Brateevo Bridge (Brateevsky most).
Event cost: 400 – 2000 rub


Forum ARMY International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2021»
22 – 28 August 2021
Patriot Park

A unique opportunity to see everything with your own eyes and even climb on the armor of a tank or an armored vehicle.Book the tour

read more and book the tour...


Experience unforgettable emotions! Become a participant of an unforgettable event!

For the first time ever the concept of the show includes dynamic presentation of military equipment. Visitors of the International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2021» will have a rare opportunity to learn to drive military machinery and try various types of combat arms.
You will have a chance to try your hand in 10 various training simulations that teach military men and women to use various kinds of military equipment and machinery.

The Land and Water Clusters of Alabino Testing Grounds will have two unique scheduled demonstration programs every day.
The dynamic show of military machinery and equipment will follow a common tactical theme, imitating a real military operation on land, on the sea, and in the air.
It will be complemented by an airshow. Various types of aircraft will imitate close combat, and paratrooper forces will present an air acrobatic show.
The Aviation Cluster at Kubinka Aerodrome will present a static exposition of aviation equipment, and the demonstration program will include performances by legendary Russian piloting groups: Berkuty, Strizhi and Russkie Vityazi.

On tour to International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2021», you will be able to visit a static exposition at Patriot Park , see the miliatry show in the Alabino military ground and aerobatic performances in Kubinka Aerodrome!

Venue: Patriot Park
Event cost: To be confirmed

International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2021»


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    moscow events Tank biathlonTank biathlon
    22 August – 4 September 2021
    Alabino training field

    International Tank Biathlon is a variety of tank and armored vehicle events ranging from armored vehicle driving to gunnery.



    A Tank biathlon is a military sport with some similarities to the winter sport of biathlon. Tank crews will show the skills of rough terrain passing and the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire while performing maneuvers.

    The crews participate in pursuit, individual races, and sprints among other events. There are also competitions for tank crewmembers. Tank-men compete in long-distance running races and obstacle courses.

    First held in 2013, the event takes place at Alabino training field just outside Moscow. Last year 12 countries participated the competition, including Russia, China, Serbia, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Angola, Iran, etc.

    Usually, all the teams use Russian T-72 tanks, except for the Chinese crews, who use their own T-96 tanks. However, this year, India will probable use This year, however, India may bring its T-90 Bhishma tanks.

    Venue: Alabino training field
    Event cost: To be confirmed



    Moscow events spasskaya tower

    Spasskaya Tower
    27 August – 5 September 2021
    Red Square

    The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival will take place on Moscow’s Red Square in early autumn.



    The traditional participants of the Festival are the units of the State Honour Guards and the leading Russian and foreign military music bands from 14 countries. In accordance with the tradition the opening of the Festival will be held within the framework of the Days of the City of Moscow. The Festival demonstrates the great historic value of the music. The program includes marches linked to the most important episodes in the history of Russia and other countries. Guests can expect a great show that will include marching bands and classical music, lasers and fireworks.

    Venue: Red Square
    Event cost: To be confirmed


    Moscow events city day

    Moscow City Day
    4 September 2021
    Red Square

    Moscow traditionally celebrates its founding in the early September. In 2021, the city celebrates its 874th birthday.



    There will be about 1,000 different events and activities including parades, fairs, street entertainments, sports contests and live music concerts. Lots of events are also held in Moscow parks such as Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno, etc.

    Venue: Throughout Moscow
    Event cost: Free


    MOSCOW GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL Moscow Gastronomic Festival
    October 2021 (To be confirmed)
    Restaurants of Moscow

    The main gastronomic event of the year in Moscow!



    Every October in the city’s best restaurants chefs create for the guests a special menu and demonstrate the maximum of their talent.

    The chefs are limited by the maximum price of the dish – 1900 rub. This means you afford a dish in any high class restaurant.

    Ask for “Tasting Menu” and discover new flavors.

    Event cost: Free
    Web site:


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      1. russia

        Hi! We have updated the event list, please check. Now you can find information on the Moscow new year celebrations here.

    1. Nir

      Hai…i’ll be in Moscow on 18-19th of dec 2019… I try to find the activities or event that we can watch or experience on that date…the only thing is christmas celebration on GUM…

      Could you please advice any event on that date?

      Thank you for reading this

      1. russia

        Dear Sir,

        Here are the list of the events:

        1) Journey to Christmas
        Red Square
        13 December 2019 – 12 January 2020 10:00­–22:00

        2)Exhibition “Archit­ectural Model of Mos­cow”
        Prospect Mira, 119, VDNH
        from 10 a.m. to 8 p.­m.
        daily except monday

        3)Skating rink at VD­NKh 2019/2020
        VDNKh skating rink will operate until Ma­rch 1, 2020.

        4)Exhibition “The Art of Russian Embroid­ery of the 16th – Ea­rly 20th Centuries”
        From October 17 to February 23, the Kolo­menskoye Museum-Rese­rve will host an exh­ibition entitled The Art of Russian Embr­oidery of the 16th – early 20th Century from the collection of the Kolomenskoye-­Izmailovo-Lyublino Museum-Reserve.
        Tuesday – Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00,
        Monday is a day off.
        Ticket price – 200 rub

        5)Exhibition “Tomorr­ow is the New Year!”
        From October 24 to December 31, the Gard­en Ring Museum will host the exhibition “Tomorrow is the New Year!”
        from 10:00 to 18:00
        from 12:00 to 21:00
        Saturday Sunday:
        from 11:00 to 18:00
        Monday is a day off!
        Prospect Mira, 14 p. 10

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      Hi. I have just found out your website and thank you so much for all interesting news/events. I’m a little bit of regret for not finding out your website earlier and had missed several interesting events.

      May I have a question about the free museum day/week? I have accessed to the link to see the participated museums, but I don’t know how to find about the detailed schedule for which day, which museum shall be open for free? Could you please let me know the detailed schedule in September and October this year?

      Thank you

      1. russia

        There is no information on September. Please contact us in mid-August to find out the accurate information.
        However, the square might be closed without advance announcement.

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      1. admin


        Yes, the Red Square is open on the New Year 2019 eve. The celebration starts at 22.00 and lasts till 02:00.

    4. Zohre

      Hey .I will have a tour to russia in dec 2018. I need some info about places with excitibg activity in that time .I wouls be appreciated if you help me.

      1. admin

        There are a lot of activities in Moscow. What kind of activities do you like? What about snowmobile ride? dog sledging is also available.

    5. uzi shaysh

      i am a travel agent and i look for all details of Moscow Red Square Festival in summer 2019 for orchestras.
      i have 2 orchestra candidate

      1. admin

        Did you mean 2018? Because there is still no information about the festival.And what is the name of the festival? Spasskaya Tower?

    6. Annick Eiselé

      Will the Red Square be closed on 5-6-7 May for rehersals? If so, is closed all days and evenings?

      1. admin


        Normally, the dress rehearsal takes place 2 days before the Victory Day. The Square is closed this day. Most likely it will be open on other days. However, now it is difficul to predict.

    7. Blanche Verster

      We are in Moscow for 3daysbut the Red square is closed. 26 – 28 Dec 2017. What is the reason? When will it open?

    8. Amy

      Will Gorky Park be open for ice skating on December the 25th? What are the normal hours of operation?

      Thank you!


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