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Moscow Events

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Free Museum Days Moscow events Free Museum Days in Moscow
3rd week of each month
Moscow museums

Third week of each month is a week when everyone can visit most Moscow museums for free.



It should be noted, that open museum day is carried out only by the museums that are under control of City Department of Culture. While the museums of the federal level (eg, Tretyakov Gallery, the Historical Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts) don’t participate in this initiative.
Please note! On these special days the number of visitors is greater than on other days of the year. So be prepared for queues.

Venues: For the full list of the museums involved in the action see the link.
Event cost: Free

Group Military Tours in Moscow
June 2019 – August 2019
Military grounds and museums

The tank tours are quite expencive for individuals, that is why we designed the group tours. See the schedule below.



The schedule of other military tours in May – July 2019:

1. June 1, 2, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
July 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
August 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 (Moscow):
Ride on a replica of the German JagdPanther tank destroyer (from 11,500 rub per person).

2. June 8, 15 (Moscow) at 12:00: Ride on the T-34 tank and blank shooting (from 16,500 rub per person).

3. June 8, 23 at 11:30 and 14:30
July 7, 21 at 11:30 and 14:30 (Moscow):
Ride on a replica of the newest Russian tank T-14 ARMATA (from 20,500 rub per person). The tour is also includes a visit to the museum of military vehicles, 10 blank shots of AK-47, assembling/disassembling of AK-47, and military lunch.

4. June 16, July 21, August 18 (Moscow): Monino Aviation Museum tour (4,900 rub per person).

5. June 23 (Mos­cow): At 8:30 to 18:30 ​ ride on ​​ BMP-1 + Patriot Park tour ​ +​ shooting Kalashnikov and Bazooka + lunch (from 26,000 rub per person).

6. June 22, July 13, August 18 (Saint Petersburg): Ride on BRDM (6,500 rub per person).

7. June 22 (Irkutsk): Ride on KV-2/SU-100 (12,000 rub per person).

8. June 29, July 27, August 24 (Moscow): Patriot Park tour (6,500 rub per person).

9. June 30 (Moscow) at 11:00: Ride on te BMP-1 and BTR-80 (23,000 rub and 17,000 rub).


Red Square Book Festival
1 – 6 June 2019
Red Square

The annual book festival takes place in Red Square and is timed to coincide with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, and Russian Language Day.



Throughout Red square, there will be book stands, tents for meetings with authors and round tables, spaces for children and master classes, and lounge areas.
A stage will be built near St. Basil’s Cathedral to host performances by famous artists, musicians, film and theater stars.

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Free
Website: (Rus)


moscow events Times and Epochs Festival“Times & Epochs” Festival
7-16 June 2019
Throughout Moscow

Each year in the very centre of Moscow we recreate the history of mankind from Antiquity to the Soviet Thaw.


“Times and Epochs” is a history festival visited by millions of people.
During “Times and Epochs” one can make a flint arrowhead, sign up for an old Russian armed force “druzhina”, help a stonemason to build a medieval castle, make an etching print, take to pieces and then put together a musket, dance a polonaise and even play in a silent movie. The festival is a stone’s throw away from metro stations and has its own application-navigator.

Every year we present to the guests of the festival new epochs: in 2019 these are going to be Mesoamerica, Muscovy of the 15th century and the Ottoman Empire.

We also plan to hold the historical projects contest for the third time. The winners receive 1 000 000 rubles to implement their projects, which are to be reliable, original and promising.
Everyone can offer their idea for the festival: we carefully examine all of them and try to realize the best ones. Last year 12 of 100 ideas we got were turned into sites or programmes of the festival. Share your idea with us!


Admission: Free


Moscow events russia dayRussia Day
12 June 2019
Throughout Moscow

Russia Day is the national holiday of the Russian Federation, which has been celebrated every year on June 12 since 1992.



On this day, in 1990, Russian parliament declared Russian sovereignty from the USSR.

Concerts and fireworks take place in many cities throughout the country. There is a big celebration and parade at Moscow’s Red Square.

Remember, that June 12 is an official day-off. On this day most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Free


Festival of national sports Festival of national sports “Russian World”
12 June 2019
Sergiev Posad

On the 12th of June, the Russia Day, in Sergiev Posad at the Blagoveshchensk field a festival of national sports “Russian World” will take place.



The territory of the festival will accommodate more than 27 sites. Guests and participants will get acquainted with the national traditions of the peoples of Russia and the countries of Eurasia. Among the permanent participants of the “Russian World” are citizens of China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and different regions of Russia.

Here is a list of the festival activities:
1. Historical reconstruction of the battle for the Trinity-Sergius Monastery.
2. Competitions in martial arts.
3. Tug-of-war
4. Air power athletics
5. Sword fighting
6. Equestrian games
7. Strongman show

Remember, that June 12 is an official day-off. On this day most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

Venue: Sergiev Posad on the Blagoveshchensk field. How to get to Sergiev Posad
Event cost: Free


International Equestrian Festival “Ivanovo Field”
19-21 July
Moscow region, Ivanovo village

The festival “Ivanovo Field” includes shows, competitions in equestrian disciplines, an interactive program and unforgettable impressions.



The festival goal is the revival of Russian equestrian traditions. The festival lasts 3 days and offers various shows, knight tournaments, equestrian competition, and performances.

Venue: Moscow region, Ivanovo village
Event cost:750 – 15000 rub
Adress: Moscow region, Noginsk district, Ivanovo village, Lugovaya street 23
How to get there:
latitude 56.02770951760657 longitude 38.27807388358451
Free minibuses with a sign of the festival depart from the following stations:
– railway station Schelkovo,
– railway station “Pushkino”
– railway station “Noginsk”


moscow events Tank biathlonTank biathlon
3 – 17 August 2019
Alabino training field

International Tank Biathlon is a variety of tank and armored vehicle events ranging from armored vehicle driving to gunnery.



A Tank biathlon is a military sport with some similarities to the winter sport of biathlon. Tank crews will show the skills of rough terrain passing and the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire while performing maneuvers.

The crews participate in pursuit, individual races, and sprints among other events. There are also competitions for tank crewmembers. Tank-men compete in long-distance running races and obstacle courses.

First held in 2013, the event takes place at Alabino training field just outside Moscow. Last year 12 countries participated the competition, including Russia, China, Serbia, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Angola, Iran, etc.

Usually, all the teams use Russian T-72 tanks, except for the Chinese crews, who use their own T-96 tanks. However, this year, India will probable use This year, however, India may bring its T-90 Bhishma tanks.

Venue: Alabino training field
Event cost: To be confirmed


Moscow events spasskaya tower

Spasskaya Tower
26 August – 1 September 2019
Red Square

The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival will take place on Moscow’s Red Square in early autumn.



The traditional participants of the Festival are the units of the State Honour Guards and the leading Russian and foreign military music bands from 14 countries. In accordance with the tradition the opening of the Festival will be held within the framework of the Days of the City of Moscow. The Festival demonstrates the great historic value of the music. The program includes marches linked to the most important episodes in the history of Russia and other countries. Guests can expect a great show that will include marching bands and classical music, lasers and fireworks.

Venue: Red Square
Event cost: Ticket prices vary from 1000 to 8000 rub


MAKS Moscow moscow eventsMAKS Air Show
27 August - 1 September 2019

Zhukovsky town

The International Air show MAKS occupies a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums.


Air show includes strategic displays of aerospace production, demonstration flights, various forums and seminars. Different types of aircrafts will be displayed in the sky and at the static stand.
The show is traditionally held on odd years, so do not try to find any information on MAKS 2019, MAKS 2020, etc.

Venue: Ramenskoye airfield
Address: Zhukovsky town, Moscow Region
Event cost: Ticket prices vary


Moscow events city day

Moscow City Day
7 September 2019
Red Square

Moscow traditionally celebrates its founding in the early September. In 2019, the city celebrates its 870th birthday.


There will be about 1,000 different events and activities including parades, fairs, street entertainments, sports contests and live music concerts. Lots of events are also held in Moscow parks such as Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno, etc.

The holiday itself will kick off at noon with an opening ceremony on Red Square. The musical start is scheduled for 1 pm, when Moscow’s anthem will sound at all the venues.

Tverskaya street will be the central venue of City Day, with no traffic on two days. The street will be divided into six zones: “Moscow conquers,” “Moscow builds,” “Moscow invents,” “Moscow discovers,” and “Moscow breaks records.” They will be dedicated to the capital’s achievements in space exploration, inventions and scientific breakthroughs, culture, arts and sports victories. Models of spaceships, submersibles, Stalinist high rises and legendary sculptures will be installed on Tverskaya Street. The holiday on the Street will start at 10 am on 9 September.

To mark the city’s anniversary, art objects in the city centre will not just serve as the background for photos. Some of them can be used for children to play or for practising sports.

For example, as of 25 August it will be possible to catch a wave and play sports on Manezh Square and Revolution Square. At present, sites for wakeboarding and flowriding are being built there. All those interested will be able to practise for free in pools with a total volume of 1,000 tonnes. Experienced coaches will help first-timers stand up on a board. There will also be a volleyball and basketball court, 20 by 10 metres each.
Venue: Throughout Moscow
Event cost: Free


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