Around the Baikal tour

Duration: 15 days/ 14 nights  

Group: 1-8

Season: July – September

Language: English, German

Tour type: Boat trip, Rafting, Fishing, Nature and Wildlife

Tour price: from 70 000 rub per person

Around the Baikal tour

Baikal boat tour in the area adjoining Baikal Lake is an interesting and attractive activity. You can travel by a variety of water vehicles watching slowly changing landscapes or getting adrenaline rafting the fast mountain rivers.

Itinerary of the Baikal boat tour
Irkutsk – Maloey More – East coast of the Olkhon Island – Southern boundary of the Baikal – Lena Reserve – Baikalskoe village – North coast of the Baikal –Frolicha Nature Reserve – Khakusy – Davsha. Barguzin Nature Reserve – Zmeinaya Bay – Village of Monakhovo – Ulan-Ude – Irkutsk
Route length: by car – 500 km, by train – 440 km, hiking – 20 km, by water transport – 700 km

Day 1
Arriving at the Irkutsk airport/railway station. Meeting and transfer by car. First point of the Baikal boat tour is the picturesque Kurkuty Bay which is located on Maloye More. A catamaran will be already waiting for our group. Then our way will pass through the Onotskaya ridge, the taiga and then Mongolian landscapes of Tajeranskie Steppes. If we have enough time we will visit the Mechta (Dream) Cave. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast. Today we will pass along East coast of Olkhon Island to the Cape Khoboi. Uniqueness and beauty of the cape were appreciated by the ancient inhabitants of the island. Khoboi was considered sacred and served as a place for religious ceremonies. Next to the cape, on huge boulders, jutting out of the water, seals set up their rookery. If you are lucky enough you will see them and take amazing photos. By the way, the cape is officially recognised as a natural landscape-monument. Overnight stay in a tent (this night and serveral following nights).

Day 3
Breakfast. Transfer from Cape Khoboi to Pokoyniki Cape (west coast of the Baikal).

Day 4
Transfer from Pokoyniki Cape to Cheremshannyi Cape. In the evening you will be able to discover the traditional Russian banya.

Day 5
Towards to youthfulness and health! Visit to the mineral springs of Kotelnikovskiy Cape.

Day 6
Transfer from Kotelnikovskiy Cape to Baikalskoe village.

Day 7
Transfer from the village of Baikalskoe to the Yarki Island. This is a long sand spit at the very north of Lake Baikal. As the waters of the area are shallow, they warm up to +24…+25C during summertime. Along with the fantastic views of the Baikal, you will find terrific landscapes of the mountains surrounding the lake. Yarki is the place still kept untouched by civilization: there are no camps, night clubs or cafes. Here you will find sand beaches with the clear waters of Lake Baikal and dense Siberian forest. This is an excellent place for fishing. In the delta of the Kichera river it is possible to catch grayling, perch and pike.

Day 8
Transfer from Yarki Island to Frolikha Lake. Today we’ll walk to Frolikha Lake which is abundant with Davatchan (a type of red fish).

Day 9-10
Transfer from Frolikha Lake to Khakusy, which is famous by hot mineral springs. The name of Khakusy came from the Evenki word “haku” that means “heat”. The temperature of the springs reaches +42-46C. One can get to this place by waterway only. This is an ideal place for climbing and fishing.

Day 11
Transfer from Khakusy to Urbikan Cape.

Day 12
Transfer Urbican Cape to Davshe (Davsha) Bay. The Davsha Bay juts out into the north-east coast of the Baikal between the Nemnyanda and the Valukan (Zyryansky) Capes. Davshe is Evenk word that means “meadows”, “wide open area”. The village of the same name is located on the Baikal shore next to the delta of the Davshe River. Landmarks of the village are the Museum of Nature and hot sulfate-natrium springs with low-mineralized water, t +42 C. You will be able to take a bath with the water of the mineral springs in the specially equipped bathhouse.

Day 13
Transfer from Davsha to Zmeinaya Bay. Spring of Zmeinaya Bay is one of the most popular thermal springs of Lake Baikal. The springs are rich in hydrogen sulfide, fluorine and sodium. Their temperature varies between +28 and +34 C. There are two pools on the Baikal shore with the springs’ water. The Zmeiny ((snakes) springs got its name because of a big population of grass snakes that inhabit the area.

Day 14
Transfer from Zmeinaya Bay to Village of Monakhovo. Here is the finish of the Baikal boat tour. Then we’ll go to Ulan-Ude by minivan and then return to Irkutsk by train.

Price of the Baikal boat tour:
7-8 PAX: 73 000 rub per person
5-6 PAX: 91 000 rub per person
3-4 PAX: 119 000 rub per person

The price includes:
– Meeting at the airport/railway station
– Accommodation according to program
– 3 meals/day
– Transfers along the tour
– Guide supervision for the whole tour
– Equipment rental
– Medical insurance

The price does not include:
– Airplane or train tickets to Irkutsk
– Alcohol
– Insurance against tick-borne encephalitis (may-august)
– Cook’s services

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