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One-day tour to Olkhon Island

One-day tour to Olkhon Island Duration: 15 hours
Group: 1-15
Season: All year round
Language: English
Tour type: Trekking and Hiking, Nature and Wildlife, Adventure.
Tour price: from 6800 rubles per person



Looking for an itinerary for a one-day tour to Olkhon island? It is impossible to see all of Olkhon in one day, but a daytrip can be fun and rewarding. This itinerary is designed to be a general interest tour.
For a comprehensive exploration of the island, you have to spend at least 3 days there.

Olkhon Island is the largest island (72km/45mi long) on Lake Baikal located 300km/186mi northeast of Irkutsk. It offers a surprising combination of diverse and beautiful landscapes. Olkhon is ideal for wild nature lovers!
In addition, Olkhon boasts a rich history. Archeological findings such as petroglyphs, sites of ancient settlements, remains of stony walls and cult holy places allow to touch the history and ancient culture of islanders.
Olkhon is also a centre of Shamanism, and there are annual spiritual gatherings on the island, as well as ethno-music parties in summer.


Itinerary of the one-day tour to Olkhon island
Irkutsk – MRS (Sakhyurta) – Khuzhir – Cape Kharantsi – Peschannaya bay – Tri Brata cliffs – Cape Khoboy – Irkutsk

Description of the one-day tour to Olkhon island:
7:00 Departure from Irkutsk for Sakhyurta village (MRS). Lunch in the cafe of Buryat cuisine (paid extra, about 200-300 rub per person).
12:00 Arrival to Khuzhir, the main Olkhon’s settlement.
12.00-16.00 Tour to Cape Khoboy (80km/50mi, round trip). Tour is carried out by UAZ, either on ice or by land, depending on season. There will be several stops along the way and a picnic. Usually it includes Ukha – soup with Baikal fish cooked over a campfire.
In the evening arrival to Irkutsk.

Stops along the way:

Cape Kharantsi
It is located 4km/2.5mi from Khuzhir, and there is a settlement of the same name on the cape. Kharantsi village has still preserved the way of life of the indigenous islanders.

Peschannaya bay
The bay is notable for a sandy beach with high dunes 6.5km/4mi long stretching deep into the island. The dunes formed as a result of winds blowing from the lake and moving sand from the shore area. On the edge of a forest where the dunes finish, “trees on stilts” or “walking trees” can be found. Larches and pines stand on their bare roots rising 12 in (30 cm) above ground. After World War II there was a camp for prisoners in the bay. The number of prisoners, on different data, came to 1,200 people.

Sagan-Khushun Cape and Tri Brata cliffs.
Sagan-Khushun is located on the western coast of Olkhon Island. The cape was recognized as a natural monument. There are several archaeological sites on the cape such as the ruins of a wall and a moat about 2000 ft (600 m) long.
The name «Sagan-Khushun» is translated from the Buryat languge as «White (Sagan) Cape (Khushun)». Sagan-Khushun is a very spectacular cape formed of white-marble rock massif. The cape is about 1km/0.6mi in length.
A group of big cliffs standing in a row in the southern part of the cape is named Tri Brata that is translated as “Three (tri) Brothers (brata)”. The composition includes three picturesque pyramid-shaped rocks with a cave and grottos.

Cape Khoboy
It is the most northern cape of Olkhon Island. The cape is located close to the widest part of the Baikal.
Khoboy is a magnificent place. Standing on its rocky cliff you can enjoy panoramic view of the Maloye Morye (Small Sea) strait. When the weather is good, a natural monument the Ushkany archipelago and the Sviatoy Nos peninsula can be seen. The view is especially beautiful at sunrise. In winter, caves of the cape look magnificent decorated with glassy splashes of ice and fabulous icicles.
Khoboy is translated as ‘fang’ from the old Buryat language and indeed the stone towering over the cape looks much like a fang. The cape has the second name “Virgin”, because a huge rock looks like a figure of a woman from the waterside.

One-day tour to Olkhon Island

One-day tour to Olkhon Island

One-day tour to Olkhon Island

One-day tour to Olkhon Island


Depending on the season, there are three ways of getting to Olkhon Island. The price of the one-day tour to Olkhon island is calculated based on the season:

1. 15th February – 20th March.
The highlight of the period is Baikal ice. You will be moving right on the frozen surface of the Baikal. It is absolutely safe in mid-February – early March. This is one of the adventurous and exciting way to reach Olkhon.

Price of the one-day tour to Olkhon island:
1 PAX – 28000 rub
2 PAX – 13900 rub per person
3 PAX – 10700 rub per person
4 PAX – 9300 rub per person
5 PAX – 9000 rub per person
6 PAX or more – 7200 rub per person

2. April – May, mid-December – mid-February
The lake isn’t frozen still, but the ferry crossing is already stopped operating. In these periods, an amphibious air-cushion vehicle, “Khivous” connects Olkhon with the mainland (Sakhyurta village, MRS).
“Khivous” is an amphibious air-cushion vehicle designed for all-season operation to the places where there is no way to travel by land. “Khivous” is able to move 60-80 km/h. Its cabin is warm and comfortable.

Price of the one-day tour to Olkhon island:
1 PAX – 29000 rub
2 PAX – 14800 rub per person
3 PAX – 11900 rub per person
4 PAX – 10600 rub per person
5 PAX – 9300 rub per person
6 PAX or more – 7500 rub per person

3. Mid-May – mid-December
Ferry crossing. It takes about one hour and is free for passengers and cars. During summer, it is operating the whole day with an interval of about an hour.

Price of the one-day tour to Olkhon island:
1 PAX – 27400 rub
2 PAX – 14000 rub per person
3 PAX – 9800 rub per person
4 PAX – 8800 rub per person
5 PAX – 7700 rub per person
6 PAX or more – 6800 rub per person

The price includes:
– Pick up/drop off service
– Transfers according to the tour program
– Lunch on Khoboy Cape
– English-speaking guide

Price does not include: Lunch in the cafe of Buryat cuisine in Sakhyurta (about 200-300 rub per person).


One-day tour to Olkhon Island



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2 thoughts on “One-day tour to Olkhon Island

  1. Patrick Woo

    I have interest on your one day Olkhon Island in end of September but I need to take 4 hours (12.00-16.00) hiking 40km (round trip)to Cape Khoboy. It is hard for a non-professional hiker, like me.

    And what the weather there in September.

    1. russia

      Hi Patrick!

      The 1-day Olkhon tour doesn’t imply hiking/ One day tour is extremely shortened version of the regular tour. I recommend you to book a two-day Olkhon island tour, then you will have time to explore the island by foot. However, the most recommended tour duration is 3 days.

      The weather in September is still ok. However, temperature drops below 0 at night.


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