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Tank driving and shooting

Tank driving and shooting tourDuration: 5-6 hours
Group: 30
Season: All the year round
Language: English
Tour type: Military Tour, Adventure
Tour price: from 7500 rub per person




Stop wasting your time in a stuffy office. Go for a tank driving and shooting tour! Fight your enemies with the most powerful Russian and Soviet weapons. You can select from a variety of the legendary military vehicles (T-62, T-80, BMP-1, BRDM and BTR-80). Put on a military camouflage and shoot a tank gun or any of more than 10 available firearms. A selfie with a Kalashnikov AK-47? It’s a piece of cake! A traditional Russian military meal with buckwheat will taste delicious after the battle. No matter who you are – a fearless strong man or a graceful girl, the power of these machines will astonish you. If you enjoyed playing toy soldiers in your childhood, if you are a fearless Amazon in your heart – it’s time for a real adventure!

Lovers of thrills can order Car-Crash by a tank. You will enjoy the battle “a 36-ton vehicle VS a car”. You can see everything from a safe, but close distance. Though the outcome of the battle is known in advance, you will see how it is happening.
How great is the resistance of the car body? Will the collision cause difficulties for the tank and the driver?
How many attempts does the tank need to completely destroy the car? We promise that the battle will strike your mind!

Tank rides are also available in Saint Petersburg.


Tour description

1. Pick-up, transfer from the hotel to the military ground (in a 1.5-2 hr drive from the city center).
2. All the visitors are offered to put on military-field uniform: a jacket, trousers, and a tank helmet.
3. Safety briefing.
4. Ride in the tank, BMP-1, BTR-80 or BRDM-2.
5. Shooting a tank or BMP gun*.
6. Shooting small-caliber guns* (Machine guns, Automatic, Rifles and Pistols).
7. Shooting a large-caliber gun* (Grenade launcher).
8. Transfer to the city.

* Extra charge. See “Prices for additional services”.


Tank driving tour Tank driving and shooting Tank driving moscow

Tank driving moscow







The price of the Tank driving and shooting tour:

January 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018; September 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018
– Tank T-80: 193,000 rub (up to 5 people).
– Tank T-62: 118,000 rub (up to 6 people).
– Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1: 95,000 rub (up to 8 people).
– Armoured personnel carrier BTR-80: 70,000 rub (up to 8 people).
– Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle BRDM-2: 45,000 rub (up to 6 people).
BRDM is allowed to move, if the road is ice free!
Additional ride must be booked, if the number of visitors exceeds the vehicle’s capacity!

June 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018:
– Tank T-80: 250,000 rub (up to 5 people).
– Tank T-62: 166,000 rub (up to 6 people).
– Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1: 122,000 rub (up to 8 people).
– Armoured personnel carrier BTR-80: 93,000 rub (up to 8 people).
– Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle BRDM-2: 63,000 rub (up to 6 people).
Additional ride must be booked, if the number of visitors exceeds the vehicle’s capacity!

The price includes:
– A 30-45 min ride in a tank
– Safety briefing
– Military field uniform
– Disassembly and assembly of AK-47
– English-speaking guide

The price does not include:
– Shooting a tank gun, small- and large-caliber guns
– Pick up/Drop off, transfer to/from the military ground


Prices for additional services:
– Blank firing: 110 rub per round
1. AK-47
2. AK-103
3. RPD Degtyarev’s machine gun
4. Kalashnikov’s machine gun
5. DP Degtyarev Infantry
6. SKS Self-loading carbine Simonov
7. SVT Tokarev self-loading rifle
8. PPSh Shpagin Submachine Gun
9. Mosin Nagant Rifle
10. TT pistol
11. PM Makarov pistol
– Shooting a tank gun T-62 or T-80: 11000 rub one shot and 17000 rub with the explosion of a target (imitation shot)
– Shooting a BMP gun: 6000 rub one shot and 10000 rub with the explosion of a target (imitation shot)
– Imitation shot T-62, BMP-1, RPG-26 with an explosion of BRDM-2: 9000 + cost of the shot
– PRG-26 Anti-tank rocket launcher: 2500 rub per shot
– Imitation shot PRG-26 Anti-tank rocket launcher with a target explosion: 7000 rub
– Imitation shot T-62, BMP-1, RPG-26 with an explosion of a building: 28000 rub + cost of the shot
– Pyrotechnic effect along the route: 3000 rub
– Car-Crash: 85000 rub
– Military lunch (up to 10 people). Buckwheat with stew meat, pickles, sweets, tea, vodka: 6000 rub
– Russian Banya (steam room): from 45000 rub for 3 hours. The banya is located in a 30-40-min drive from the military ground.

Please note! Participants of the tank driving tour should be at least 4 years old. The weight of participants should not exceed 150 kg!

We recommend you to bring a medical insurance policy valid in Russia.


Tank driving tour



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30 thoughts on “Tank driving and shooting

  1. Vincent Han

    Hi I am booking an tank tour on 30 June, 2018 for my two friends. Could you help them slot into other into other individual tours?

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry, just have seen that there will be two people.
      If we have a group on June 30, then I will let you know.

  2. KY

    Hi, me and my brother are interested in the individual tour. However, there are only the 2 of us, and if we were to book the individual tour, it will be too expensive for us.

    Would you be able to help slot us into other individual tours? We wouldn’t mind fitting into other groups.


        1. admin Post author

          Ok. Email us closer to the date, probably we will have group who allow to add other people.

    1. admin Post author

      The location depends on what type of tank you would like to ride: T-62, T-80, BTR, BMP, BRDM, T-34 and replica of Jagdpanther.

      Tanks are located on several different sites in 1,5-2-hour drive from city center.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes! You can drive it if you have the driving experience with a manual transmission.

      1. Uhh the rushing tank

        What if a 14 years old never experienced?
        Would the staff teach the 14 years old to drive?

        1. admin Post author

          I don’t think so.. Tank is not the best vehicle to start your driving experience. Learn to drive a regular car first.

          1. Uhh the rushing tank

            Oh ok,what about the steering sticks and the pedals?

  3. M

    Wanted to get a detailed pricing and itenary if it’s only one person. I will be staying near Arabat, would there be a transport facility. Date 29.06.2017.
    Thank you

    1. admin Post author


      There are two options for the tank tour:

      1. Group tour. It is scheduled twice a month on Sundays. The closest date is July 2. The price is 9500 rub for 1 person.
      2. Individual tour. You can choose the date and time of your visit, as well as type of the tank. The price is 110000 rub per group of up to 20 persons.

      The price doesn’t include transfer. The military base is reachable by public transportation (the journey from Arbat will take about 1.5-2 hrs: metro + commuter train + minibus). We also can arrange a private car (about 5000 rub).

  4. Tasneem Udaipurwala

    We are a Tour Operator and wish to co-operate with you for our regular groups visiting Russia. Pls mail us your packages with 1Tank Ride & 10rounds of shooting with AK 47 Gun for our group of 75pax or call us on whatsapp nbr

    1. admin Post author


      The detailed information and prices have been sent to your email.

  5. Pablo

    Oksana was the perfect guide we could imagine.
    Friendly, funny and she speaks fluent English and Spanish in case you need.
    We had a really good time with her!

  6. Ida Holt

    Hello, we are a group of six people who are interested in driving a tank. We are interested in the t-34 for a individual tour. We are planning a weekend in Russia in the beginning of September. When do we have to book to get the t-34 for a day? Does it have to be on a Sunday or can we have it Saturday if we request that? Appreciate your reply.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Ida,

      The idea of the individual tour is that you can choose any day and time, as well as a tank type (either T-34 or T-55) 🙂

      Please indicate the preferred date and time in order to book the tour

  7. anchor

    Our group has about 15 guests, does it mean we can only choose the individual tour which is 110000rub for one tank and 100000 for addition one?
    How long it takes for diving the tank for a group?
    How many people can stay in one tank?
    Do you have Chinese interpreter for group?How much of it?
    How much of the minivan and the bus?And how many people they can take maximum for each type?
    Yes, we plan to shoot a tank gun.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. admin Post author

      You can book either group tour or individual.

      However, the group tour is held twice a months on Sundays. The exact dates of the tours in April-May will be known later, say 3-4 weeks before the tour. The group tour is held jointly with other tourists, mainly russians. Your group will be able to ride a tank for an hour. You can’t choose the tank if you book a group tour. The price for the group tour is 8000 rub per person.

      Booking the individual tour, your get the opportunity to choose a tank (either T-34, either T-55, or both). And your group will be able to ride the vehicle as long as the military base operates (for about 7 hours). The price for the individual tour is 110000 Rub for the whole group. The additional tank costs 100000. This means that for the two tanks you should pay 210000 Rub for the group.

      – “How long it takes for diving the tank for a group?”. As I mentioned above, the tank ride in frame of the group tour lasts 1 hour. And the ride of the individual tour lasts as long as the tourists want, they are limited only by the working hours of the military base.

      – “How many people can stay in one tank?”. It depends on the tank type: T-34 accomodates 4 persons except a driver and T-55 accomodates 3 persons except a driver.

      – “Do you have Chinese interpreter for group?How much of it?”
      We have several interpreters. The price depends on the interpreter avalable on the tour date. The price varies from 10000 to 15000 rub for the whole day (8 hours).

      – “How much of the minivan and the bus? And how many people they can take maximum for each type?”
      The minivan costs about 13000 Rub (8 hours) and can accommodate up to 20 persons. (Меrcedes Sprinter VIP)
      The 30-seater bus costs about 15000-16000 Rub (8 hours).

  8. anchor li

    We are a Chinese luxury customized travel company and we have big interest of your tank ride.
    We will have a group to Russia around April and May.
    There are few question after looking your website details.
    How many people you can do in the individual group?
    How many tanks you will offer for the individual group?

    1. admin Post author

      The tour is designed for the group of up to 20 persons.
      There are two types of the tanks in the military base: T-55 and T-34-85. Both are Soviet-made battle tanks.
      Armored personnel carrier (BTR-60) and Infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-1) are also available.

      The detailed information and prices have been sent to your email.
      We hope we can begin a positive cooperation.


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